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    (2012) We left Bandon after spending four days at the Bandon RV Park. To say this little park packs RVer’s as close to each other as possible is an understatement. The little trailers parked on each side of me came here together from Nevada and when I was placed between them their socializing was greatly diminished. The management refused to let them park next to each other so I proved to be the villain. Actually, we ended up joking about the situation and became friends. There’s always a chance to meet new friends while traveling but this was not the way most of us like to do it.


Downtown Bandon Waterfront. I purchased 18 lbs of Tuna directly from the boat. Had it vacuum-packed and froze it.

tuna_processingClick the pictures to enlarge!

 leaving_oregon Leaving the cool foggy Oregon Coast.

So we’re on the road again returning to Utah after only two months in the Northwest. I’ll be working the park this time as a sixty-day emergency hire ranger…more on this in a later post. I start on Sept 2.

Plumas and Lassen National Forest fires. You can’t see them but hundreds of personnel and lots of equipment and aerial fire fighters are at work here.

The only issue might have been times of really thick smoke covering the road. Thankfully that didn’t happen to us. During our passage through this area we hardly saw any traffic.

outside_Susanville Along the way and out of the smoke near Susanville, CA.

The "All New” Death Valley Inn RV Park in Beatty, NV. It was 111 degrees! This was the most expensive RV park along our route at $39 a night. All I can say is the electricity was good and the WiFi was the best I’ve found in any RV Park.

This is a one wide shot and unedited, so please bear with me. Sorry ‘bout that!

Some of the town’s wandering burros strolling through the park. They’re really beautiful animals which seem friendly, but they are wild.

We bid farewell to the city of Beatty, NV to arrive in Hurricane, UT by the end of the day via Las Vegas.

Beach Art

Just a few artsy images taken while doing our last daily beach walk and I discovered something new about Blue.

L’Artiste Using his frisbee as a brush!

“Infinity and Beyond”


“Jellyfish on the Rocks”

“World Within”

…almost like you're along for the ride