Leaving Zion and Heading Home

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Blue and I just completed nine months of volunteering in Zion National Park. Blue volunteered to watch the deer! I’m definitely going to miss this place. That’s a good feeling though and absence will be good.  I’ll look forward even more to returning here come November. On to Oregon!! 

Because of the recent Television Ad campaign produced by the Utah Bureau of Tourism, Zion has become more like Disneyland than a natural wonder. I suspect the ad executives are patting themselves on the back but the infrastructure of Zion Canyon and the small towns along the way to it aren’t so happy! Read More About This.

The long lines of cars and RV’s streaming into the park resembles a long ant trail through the desert. There’s only one two-lane road snaking into Zion Canyon. At times all one can see is the line of headlights coming up over the La Verkin Overlook.

zionline  The national park trails are crowded and the famous scenic Narrows looks like a day at the beach with hundreds of folks wading in the water. I suspect the initial affect of the TV ad will fade as people realize it’s not fun or pretty to stand in long lines waiting to board the Shuttle Buses only to find crowds walking in more lines along the trails to explore this majestic park. zionLines2 Winter may become the preferred time to visit. Time will tell.


Once you’ve visited Zion you WILL return, there’s no doubt about it. The memories of waking up to this view, the feeling of swift canyon winds layered with the wake up call of a distant Robin will linger in your mind, ultimately drawing you back.

watchman_last_eve The Virgin River leading to a view of The Watchman

Important right now is taking care of business in Portland. Medical, Dental, Vision and catching up with Friends.

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…almost like you're along for the ride